Sunday, October 5, 2014

B's first peg person.

I got out of the shower today and B came to show me what he had been working on. He had made "a sun hat with a plume". I helped him find a peg person and tie the hat on, but I am so pleased he came up with the idea on his own!

Saturday, September 27, 2014


I spent the entire summer making bee skeps. One might think from that that I had made many of them, but really I just took it very slowly. I think I pushed myself really hard this past spring and I just needed a project with no deadline. Although bees are associated with the feast of St. John on June 24th, I missed that "deadline" by a mile and decided not to rush.

Bee Careful! There are bees in that skep!

So, they showed up in our Michaelmas scene instead.

Our red cross knight makes his way through the village to check out the dragon.

St. Michael(s) and St. George watch over the dining room.

The battle is underway!

And our iron dyed banners show that St. Michael is the victor. Although our attempts at a simplified batik didn't work I was pleased and amazed at how they turned out. We will have an opportunity to continue the iron dyeing research with friends during our Michaelmas festival in the next few days.

Happy Feast Day!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fashion Chemistry

I have recently undertaken to revamp my entire wardrobe from scratch. As part of my process I have been playing around with dyes. I started with a box of Rit dye left over from a previous project, but in general I like to use more natural products when possible. While I have done quite a bit of plant dyeing with silks and wool, I know that dyeing cotton is a more complex process (plant fiber vs. protein/animal fiber) with more steps to make it colorfast. However, I decided to dive right in and experiment.

I experimented on some cotton t-shirts. I used turmeric because I wanted a deep golden color, it was easily accessible, and I was under the impression it didn't need any mordents or fixers.

I was pretty happy with the results. I liked the buttery yellow, but I wish it had stayed as saturated after one wash as it was immediately after dyeing.

Then I decided to take it for a test run and just wear it one day. I am so glad I did! It happened to be a hot, humid day, and we went on a nice long walk. About half way through our walk I noticed that I had BRIGHT PINK pit stains! I could only laugh. At first I thought the turmeric had interacted with sweat, but then it dawned on me that it was more probable that it was the baking soda I use as deoderant.

While I will probably not be wearing that perticular shirt as is again, I am looking forward to more fashion experiments!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

White Sunday

Whitsun Day.
The birthday of the Christian Church.

I had never really celebrated Whitsun before, so way back in April I signed up to participate in a festival swap. There were 20 of us involved, from all around the country, and we each made a few Whitsun themed decorative items. The themes were mostly fire (reminiscent of the tongues of flame which came to rest upon the apostles heads in Acts 2:3), and doves (reminiscent of the descent of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:4). The items then went to the "hostess'" house where they were sorted. Then we each eagerly awaited a package of surprise items for our own Whitsun celebration. Totally fun!

I decided to make a wall hanging depicting the tongues of flame.

I tried many versions in many mediums before I settled on colored pencils and a mono-chromatic scheme.

The final version:

Our package was almost entirely fire themed as well. Here are our beautiful gifts on the seasonal table!

Happy Feast of Pentecost!