Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sewing For My Boy

My hands have been busy these past few week with little projects for my boy. There are moments when an idea pops into my head and I think, "what child doesn't need one of those!?" They are all simple little household things. B doesn't really understand how to use them yet, at least the way I was imagining them being used. But he does like playing around with them.

The first is a little satchel that I made to be used for collecting treasures while we are out for a walk. I realized that pockets are difficult for toddler hands, and so I made this little pouch instead. The aspect I really like is that the fabric is quilted so it is very stiff. The stiffness keeps the pouch open even when it is resting against B's side. That way, he can just drop things in without fiddling with the opening. The little doll is from Under the Nile.

Then, B's love of our stroller prompted me to search out one in his size. I tried two different Targets before finding this one at the thrift store. The original seat was torn and stained, so I cut it up to make a pattern for this new, less pink seat. I love this fabric! I got it several years ago when I worked at a fabric shop, and have been saving it for, what, 12 years? And this was the perfect project for it!

B loves pushing around our big stroller. That's why I got the little one, for him to push. The thing is, now all he wants to do is sit in the little stroller! : )

Lastly, B has gotten very good at noticing when things are hot ("Ha! Ha!"), and very interested in our pot holders. I thought he could use a pair of his own.

 Sometimes they end up in the soup. Ah, well. : )

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