Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Day

In an effort to put a little order to our day, and to try to fit in all the chores that seems to accumulate so quickly I made ourselves a chore chart. Well, no, it's not only a chore chart, it is our Daily Rhythm chart. The body of the chart is what we do everyday. There is also a pocket on the lower right hand side that has seven cards, one for each day of the week, with our weekly chores distributed among them. In case you can't see it very well (sorry!), the list looks long, but it includes things like prayers, eating, time for chores and outdoor time.

I have been struggling a bit with getting everything done each day. And with getting everything done each week. Monday starts out strong, but by Wednesday morning . . . not so much. I thought I would try to show you just how far I am from actually following these goals, but the day I tried to keep track, I actually did really well! Aside from having to wait for the UPS man in the afternoon, and not grocery shopping (luckily my husband had done it that weekend) I was right on track!

But what I found was that the little things not on the chart, the things I get frustrated at because I feel like they are distracting me from my schedule, are the funniest and nicest parts of the day. At least in retrospect. So on the day that went perfectly, where I actually managed to stay on track, I also managed to wash a pair of B's wool paints that should NOT have been in the washer (luckily they didn't shrink too much!), make breakfast while B poured crackers on the floor (I guess I wasn't quick enough!), and caught him licking the plate glass door (um, yum?).

What I really need to remember is that the chart represents our daily rhythm, not a schedule.


 B really enjoys his "chore".


  1. Benjamin and Ying have another pastime in common - lick the window! And wow on your chart. Hope it inspires you into a rhythm of contentment.