Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Winter Wrap Up

Last fall I decided that in order to make sure B would be as warm as possible, and wear as many natural fibers as possible, I was going to have to make his winter wardrobe. Wool clothing is very expensive to buy. We were going north for the holidays, and I wanted to make sure he had all the layers he needed. 

I still felt funny about giving B a blanket at night, so I knitted up this adorable sleep sack. 
The pattern is The Kicky Pickle Sleep Sack by Silly Daisy Designs on Etsy.

I used up the rest of the yarn making this hat and vest of my own design. The diaper is a fitted diaper made with the Trimsies pattern. The leggers were a pattern of my own, or rather, I made it up as I went along. It took me a while to get them right though, and I actually finished them after Easter. Luckily he hadn't needed them! The red cloak he is holding is the third in a series of coats I made for him. I had the fabric lying around. My dad had given it to me, because I had been wanting to make myself a revolutionary war soldier's coat (I am continually amazed at how the things that I have secreted away for precious projects for myself are willingly turned into things for B!). I knew my dad had said the fabric came from somewhere special, but I had to call him to jog my memory. Apparently, it is actually from the movie "The Village" from 2004.

The first coat, while adorable, was not going to fit him for long. This is B at 10 months in the 12 month sized coat.

As it turns out, there was an error in the sizing of the pattern, so I went ahead and made the largest size coat. I modified it so that it would grow with B. You can see the sleeves are pretty long, so I used a cute pattern on the inside so it would show up when I rolled the sleeves.

This is the sleeve inside out so you can see that the top of the sleeve is made of a shiny fabric. This is to help little arms slide right in.

This is the bottom hem of the coat skirt, from the inside, and I have lifted up the lining so that you can see that there is a double row of stitching on each seam. The entire underarm seam is double seamed. Hopefully, when B grows I can just rip out both underarm seams and he will have about an inch of extra room.

As it turns out, it is actually not advisable to dress babies in bulky coats when they are in their car seats because the bulk of the coats interferes with how tight the straps can be. So I made the cloak/poncho because the car seat straps can go under it, but B is still kept warm.

So, these are all the projects that I was working on last fall and into the winter.
 That is my Winter Wrap Up!

Coming up next week: The Flats and Handwash Challenge!

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