Saturday, January 11, 2014

17 Months!?

Apparently, when the going gets tough, the tough get going I pull my head in like a turtle and try to hide (what feel like) my failings from the world. It has been a long 17 month. Not all of it bad by any means, but much of it hard. And I simply have not known how to talk about it. To myself or anyone else. Perhaps bits and pieces of the last year and a half will make their way into this space. Perhaps not. But I have once again found myself wanting to record our days and share them with anyone who happens by.

First and foremost, I will introduce my dear, sweet "M":

Born in March 2013, she is now going on ten months old and is trying her hardest to do everything B can do.

We had a lovely Christmas up in the north with family, and it is now time, once again, to strive for rhythm and meaningful work.

Happy New Year!

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