Monday, June 11, 2012

A Late Arrival

Introducing B's new doll.

It took longer than I had anticipated for this birthday doll to finally find his way into B's arms. But the timing was actually perfect. B has just begun to seek out the baby dolls from his pile of stuffed toys. He loves to give the "Ba! Ba's" hugs and kisses.

The arrival of this doll was perfect for me as well. Two years ago this month I learned that Benjamin would be joining our family. Finishing this doll gave me a few moments to reflect on the past two years.

This little Ba! Ba! is not only a reminder of those two years, but a physical embodiment of the moments when we first met B face to face. This little Ba! Ba! was made according to B's actual measurements in the first two months after he was born. B was as small as a doll himself, and I am happy that there is someone in our family who will be able to forever wear those tiny clothes.

B's doll is a "button jointed" doll, which allows for his realistic postures. I used the Magic Cabin Dolls Sweet Cheeks Baby Doll Pattern, but I skinnied him up a bit. The measurements above were taken in order to size B's christening gown. The pajamas were our favorite first days outfit, given to us by an acquaintance of a friend who had found herself in a similar position with her tiny son. The hat was given to B when he was in the hospital. Welcome little baby doll!

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  1. What a beautiful little babydoll. It looks so natural. I can't wait to meet him!