Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So, with our departure time set for 9am Thursday morning, we have spent the last few days soaking in every moment of our time here in the north.

(1. Raspberries in the garden.  (2. Helping Dziadzi in the garden.  (3. Sprinkling dirt, everywhere.  
(4. Watching Dziadzi mow.  (5. Following Ying  (6. Enjoying summer's produce, as food . . .  (7. . . and drink.     (8. Waiting for the storm to break.  (9.  Working on the tapestry.  (10.  Newly painted toes on a back drop of summer sky.  (11. Inspecting seaweed. (12. Look! Up in the air!  ( 13.  feeling the earth.  ( 14. Kisses from Dziadzi.  (15. Our watchful dinner companion.

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