Sunday, June 17, 2012

Traveling North. . .

I am so sorry to have been away from this space. I have missed being here. We were packing and driving up north to visit family! I tend to pack a lot when traveling. I think I like to have a bit of home with me wherever I go. I had to be careful this time though, because I have two travelers joining me for the ride home. I had a great six bag (Reusable grocery bags! Not suite cases!) system in order to limit what I brought, and make repacking on the way home easier. My system turned into an eight bag system, but it seemed to work well. Each bag has its own category of items that go in it; Clothes, Diapers, Technology (computer, camera, phone cord, etc), Food (for the car trip), Toys and Bedding, and of course, Projects. I can never proceed to packing practical things, like toothbrush, and shoes (both of which ended up in the in the other two "misc" bags), until I have packed the projects that I will be working on while away.

We headed out early in the morning in order to meet up with my brother who happened to be attending a wedding taking place along our route. We took several breaks along the way because it is really hard to be strapped in a car seat all day long.

B got to meet a lot of new folks, again.

And once we got to Babci and Dziadzi's house, B got to play with some of Daddy's old toys.

I am so pleased to be settling in here in "North". The trees are green, the woods are cool, the bar-b-que is out and the company is in love with B.

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