Saturday, February 15, 2014

Clean-up Link-up!

I am linking up today with Real Housekeeping for their Clean-up Link-up! 

Real Housekeeping

 I have to say I really love the idea of a chores link-up because I can always use a kick in the pants when it comes to getting started. This week the focus is the medicine cabinet. Here is my before photo: 

I have honestly not thought about my medicine cabinet since we moved in two years ago. I was irritated when we first moved in because the shelves, or rather the shelf, has these weird ridges that make it really difficult to balance items so they don't fall out. A single, unusable shelf!? I just wrote the whole thing off and only stuffed things in there when I didn't use it often, or ever. Instead, I just kept everything on the counter. Classy.

See! Weird ridges!
Awesome counter space!
Soooo, when I finally decided to take everything out and actually clean, I realized that the shelf was in upside down! Now, while we still only have one shelf, it is actually useful!

A clean and useful storage space!
Thank you Real Housekeeping! 
: )


  1. Yay! The shelf is not evil, just upside down! I agree, this clean up link up could be the best thing that's ever happened to my house (besides when my sister in law comes over…she is a cleaning machine!)

  2. What a great discovery! Glad RH could be of service.

    (p.s. Sorry I didn't see your link before---I took the weekend off from the computer.)