Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's Still Lent!

Now that we have had two whole days of spring like weather, I am noticing how different it is to try to maintain an inward, contemplative, Lenten mindset. While it was snowing and sleeting outside it just made sense to be eating beans and forgoing treats. Now, it takes some work to remind myself of the season. I am actually finding it to be a lovely bit of work, though. And there seems to be that little spark of hope and lightness in everything that means Easter is coming.

We've been listening to this on repeat: (Kind of a weird video, but I love this rendition of the song.)

I have always loved American revival (style) music, but I haven't known where it fits in to our Catholic life, until this Lent. Somehow it clicked for me that the same spirit of letting down one's guard, and letting God in runs through both the music of the American revival movement, and through the ancient tradition of Lent. In both there is a call to reach into those places where we find our limitations, and to respond by shoring up the limitations of others and by reconnecting to God's vision for us. So, as a way to maintain our Lenten spirit in these beautiful, burgeoning, budding days, I have been relearning the lyrics to some of my favorite songs. (I will readily admit that I don't really know if these are actual American revival songs, but, to me, they have that old timey feel, and they have that lenten attitude. :)

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