Thursday, April 17, 2014

Maundy Thursday

As of last night I did not have any formed plans for marking Maundy Thursday. I had invited some friends over to make unleavened bread, but that was it. As it turned out we had a wonderful time throwing together a shared meal with unleavened bread, hard boiled eggs and charoset. I made up a Seder plate just so we could see the beauty of the display. I don't have a shank bone on hand, and I decided not to put out any horseradish because none of us were going to eat it. Since we were only imaginatively participating in a Passover meal, I thought imaginative shank bones and imaginative bitter herbs would do. It is really lovely when happenings emerge organically. That is definitely something this type A personality needs to learn to trust more often! Perhaps, to further deepen the physical participation in the traditions of the season, me and my little ones will have a foot washing party later on. : )

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