Tuesday, July 3, 2012


About a year ago, I decided that I didn't like dryer sheets any more. They are expensive, and landfill filling, and full of chemicals that I didn't want on me or my then tiny baby. So I just stopped using them. This was not entirely satisfying, because, of course, dryer sheets have their purpose. They reduce static. I had heard of dryer balls, and seen them in the grocery store, but again with the chemicals. I didn't want hot plastic fumes permeating my home every time I did the laundry. Then I heard that there was such a thing as wool dyer balls! I love wool! It's amazing stuff that can be used for practically everything!

And, of course, one could make these dryer balls oneself.

I got myself some fisherman's wool from Michael's. I wound up those balls, and at the suggestion of an on-line tutorial (sadly, I have forgotten the name of the tutorial) I crocheted around the whole ball to keep it from unraveling in the dryer.

These balls are beautiful, and so much fun to play with! So much fun, in fact, that they were constantly strewn about the floor. I decided that I needed some way to contain them, while also keeping them accessible.

I used some fabric I had on hand; a plaid homespun that I had used for some other project, and a gold dupioni silk left over from when I worked at Lee Andersen. This sweet bag now hangs neatly beside the dryer, but I am sure we will still take those dryer balls out to play.

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